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25 December 2012 @ 08:03 pm

Happy 9th Anniversary!!!!!!

Yunho, Changmin, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu!! Always keep the faith!!!
03 March 2021 @ 11:04 pm

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09 August 2020 @ 05:11 pm
Music Videos

Arashi - Love Rainbow
karaoke subbed
BigBang - Beautiful Hangover karaoke subbed
BigBang - Haru Haru karaoke subbed
BigBang - Koe wo kikasete
BigBang - Lollipop feat. 2NE1
BigBang - Tell me goodbye
Choshinsung - Magokoro karaoke subbed
C.N BLUE - Love karaoke subbed
Kalafina - Larimosa
Kanjani8 - Glorious
Kanjani8 - LIFE -Me no mae no mukou e karaoke subbed
Matsushita Yuya - 4 Seasons karaoke subbed
Matsushita Yuya - Bird
Matsushita Yuya - Bird karaoke subbed
Matsushita Yuya - Honesty karaoke subbed
Matsushita Yuya - Koe ni naranakute feat Sista karaoke subbed
Matsushita Yuya - Negai ga kanau nara karaoke subbed
Matsushita Yuya - Trust me karaoke subbed
Matsushita Yuya - You karaoke subbed
SHINee - Lucifer karaoke subbed
SS501 - Let me be the one
SS501 - A song calling for you karaoke subbed
Tohoshinki - Kiss the baby sky karaoke subbed
Tohoshinki - Jumon -Mirotic- karaoke subbed
TVXQ - Mirotic karaoke subbed
Yamashita Tomohisa - One in a million karaoke subbed
Yamashita Tomohisa - One in a million#2 karaoke subbed


JaeJoong - Forgotten Seasons karaoke subbed
JaeJoong - It's only my world karaoke subbed
JaeJoong - Maze Premium Mini karaoke subbed
JaeJoong - Maze Thanksgiving Concert karaoke subbed
JaeJoong & Yoochun - Shelter Thanksgiving Concert romaji & english subbed
JYJ - Long Way Thanksgiving Concert karaoke subbed
JYJ - W Thanksgiving Concert karaoke subbed
NewS - Snow Express Unplugged Live karaoke subbed
Tohoshinki - Begin karaoke subbed
Tohoshinki - Love in the Ice karaoke subbed
TVXQ - Insa karaoke subbed
TVXQ - Mirotic karaoke subbed


Junsu\JeJung\Yuchun "Thanksgiving" Concert in Tokyo Dome
Tohoshinki 4rd live Tour "The Secret Code" in Tokyo Dome

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This is a shout out to a whole Cassiopeia around the world.

It has been 2 years since our dearest don’t stand on stage as 5 anymore. It has been 2 years since we’ve known them as 2+3. We all know that our hearts will never be ready to accept that. And the problem here is that we can’t really do much for them, except for small things that might make them proud for who they were and what they achieved.

So today, my dearest friends, Cassies, I’m here to start a project. It might not be much, but at least we’ll all know that we tried to do something to make them feel proud.

This project is not entirely my idea, because it has been started before, but stopped out of unknown reason. So I won’t take the credits for it. All I want is for this project to be finished and its goal to be achieved. So let’s get together and let’s make our oppas proud.

The whole idea of this project is, to higher views on Mirotic music video on YouTube. Right now it has around 12, 5 million views though it used to have +80 million before it got deleted, and our goal is to get them higher than just 80 million and mark it as the most viewed KPOP music video in history. Thinking about it, DBSK were actually gods of KPOP, weren’t they?! They really deserve at least this much.

I would like to humbly ask all the other Fandoms to help us out too. I don't know how big your respect towards DBSK is, but I believe you can understand at least a bit how we feel. Just imagine your favorite group to break up, how hurt you would feel. I really truly hope, from the bottom of my heart, that you won’t even have to experience any of that. So please help us get our stars proud of us!

So the plan goes somehow like this:
-We want this goal to be achieved in 5 months. Why? The number 5 is up to our liking *wink*
-We need at least 80 million views up in 5 months
-To achieve that, we need from 25-52 thousand people participating in this project for 154 days.

We've got 3 valid and most probable options:
If 25,974 thousand people listen to this song 20 times a day, our goal is achieved.
If 34,632 thousand people listen to this song 15 times a day, our goal is achieved.
If 51,948 thousand people listen to this song 10 times a day, our goal is achieved

Now where to get all these people?
-DBSK’s official fan club includes 800 000 thousand fans
-We must spread the word about this project
-To achieve it, we must not forget about this project 

Before we start this project!
We have made a twitter account @Project_AKTP. Whoever decides to participate in this project please follow us so we’ll be able to see how many participants there are! Tell others about this project, because it has to get known among Kpopers! 

Cassies, let’s give it a shot, let’s try our best and make Jaejoong oppa, Yunho oppa, Yoochun oppa, Junsu oppa and Changmin oppa proud! Listen to the MV whenever you’re free, take 10 minutes of studying to listen to it, when you wake up, before you go to sleep and while you rest or just browse through internet. Don’t forget, weekends are perfect, for you to listen to this song throughout the whole day!

Thank you all who decides to participate!

»Let's always keep the faith and always keep them proud!«

-AKTP Crew 

Do you have a question? Contact us on:
Twitter: @eyaaaxx
Twitter: Project_AKTP
AFF: eyaaaxx
Email: eyaaa.kpop@gmail.com


23 November 2011 @ 03:14 pm
U-Kiss - Tick Tack

the song it's so good...the best japanese debut!!
21 June 2011 @ 12:09 pm

Turn on some blaring music
Everyone put your hands up and get your drinks up
Go crazy with the whole world
Everyone put your hands up and get your drinks up
Now, put your hands up, put your hands up put, put, put, put, put

Raise the volume until the speakers burst
and all together go crazy until you lose your minds
Shake your whole body and lose your minds

Together all night,
all the people who agree with me mansei,
until the end of tonight keep running
Giddy up! Giddy up! You know what I’m sayin’
this is an energy restoring tonic you hear with your ears
The catalyst that explodes the party, dancing all night under the lights,
They go together exactly, aren't I right

Here we go here we go constantly running and
Right now it’s barely midnight, the sunrise is still far away
So lets have one more glass and start again

Before the sun rises absolutely do not cut off the music, DJ take care of tonight
“Oppa I can trust you OK?” Yes Sir, I won’t say I’m leaving first
Lets all have another glass together. One shot. Everyone lets go.

Don’t stop Tonight empty all thoughts and all have fun together

Translated by mcheller @ W2D
Romanization by Sensayshun @ W2D
May be taken out with credits


Come here come here let me move your body baby
Come here come here let me move your body baby
Give it to me give it give it to me
Baby give it to me give it give it to me girl

I’m an energizer who doesn’t know how to stop, if you just put on some music I move without end
Hurry give me the chance to make your whole body lose its exhaustion
My music is going into your body and heart and making everything exciting

Now lets start, lets start, lets start now one two three

(Let me touch) ya and give you electricity
(meet eyes) forget all your worries
I really want to see your expression change in front of me, really want to see, really want to see

(Let me rock) ya and give you electricity
(Trust in me) From your head to your toes
Feel the shiver spread, Do you feel it baby, do you feel it baby

Forget all the thoughts you had before you met me, listen to my melody and my rhythym
Trust in me, who’s given medicine to pharmacists, and feel your body changing little by little
Why are you still anxious you don’t need to think about anything

Open your heart and let the music go into your soul
I’ll make it so you can forget everything
Come to me every time your head gets complicated
I can give you electricity, I can give you electricity

Translated by mcheller @ W2D
Romanization by Sensayshun @ W2D
May be taken out with credits


I know our hearts are the same but
We always miss each other
Even looking at each other without words
Now I’ve gotten tired

Every day, every night, only you could fill me up
It’s alright, it’s alright, now please answer my heart

Baby give it to me, give me excitement, I’ll be together with you
Come to me, don’t think about anything else at this moment
I, I, If I only have you it’ll do
I, I, I wanna feel your love

I know what we’ve said to each other but
Now I hate my confidence that had no courage
Lets move a little closer

Every day every night always be by my side
It’s alright it’s alright If you just embrace me I can be happy

Even if your blood type is A like mine, even if your eyes disappear when you laugh like mine,
Even if your birthday is Aquarius like mine, beyond that we really have a lot of similarities
If you say you can’t love me I won’t look at you, if you say you’re like me just come to me
Give me a feeling I’ve never felt before, generously give me the love you wanted
Be by my side when you wake up in the morning, give me a kiss above my almost half open eyes
Even if you don’t call or text I’ll just understand, I won’t wait forever
Just appear in my dreams every night, gently unravel me with your melting smile
I have a lot to give you, It’s all about you and me ok?

Translated by mcheller @ W2D
Romanized by Retro @ W2D
May be taken out with credits


As if we were in an old movie

We look so happy in there
At a place we don't remember, are a stranger to,
Looking for our memories

Tears fell - no
Tears are still falling
Just when I think of you, when I look at you

Even if I were to go back
Looking at you again and again
I miss you more and more
I can't forget you

I know I won't love another person
Cause I don't wanna let you go
In my memory

Just like if I was watching the main character of a movie,
Please be the person who once loved me
Come back to my side

As if we were in an old movie (Thinking about it now)
Although we seemed so young then (Thinking about it again)
The place at which time stopped for me
Stopped where we were in love

I remember, yes
I remember when I sent you off
When I let you go

Even if I were to go back, even if I were to erase it,
I miss you more and more
I can't forget you

I know I won't love another person,
Cause I don't wanna let you go
In my memory

Just like if I was watching the main character of a movie,
Please be the person who once loved me
If you hear me 

In the past, we were like two lovers like, romantic comedy
left right on the screen, just quietly
Playback again, do you remember
We had countless kiss scenes
Missing each other while walking like two main characters babe
Walking on different roads, meeting each other coincidentally
Like a drama, even more dramatic than a drama
Come back to me, you know I need you back
You know I won't love anyone else

Translated by khy127 @ W2D
Romanizations by Sensayshun @ W2D

May be taken out with credits


2 PM, I'm all too aware of your dazzling gaze; makes my chest hot
(Yo, Ya already know we on fire, it's me Jun.K and 2PM)
Chest is hot, head is cool

Stop drop hot I'm HOT In front of those girls, I'm thick-skinned
Turn your head, make a U-TURN
Even in one look you feel it, 1000 points individual fashion sense, wow exactly my style
More than an imposing air, my body is voluptuous

Your gaze makes my chest melt
I like her so much, my face is unknowingly becoming red
Your body's movement one by one is making me fuss
When she talks to me, why do I keep on feeling shy

So hot, my frozen heart is melting
In my chest, passion is raising
It's driving my heart to flutter

I love you so much, I have to say that to you today
The love I've hidden is blazing up
I want to let you honestly know my heart 

Oh my god she is so fine
Your eye-smile that makes me smile
Your pure heart that hides behind my blue eyes
When I think of you, click, click, time flies by so fast
In your direction, know my heart, accept my heart yeah

Her gaze makes my chest melt
Now I can tell her honestly
Her body's movement one by one is making me fuss
My heart is jumping, I'm jumping, in her direction baby

Ehoheh oh oh oh ohehoh chest is hot, head is cold
Ehoheh oh oh oh ohehoh chest is hot, head is cold

Translated by khy127 @ W2D
Edited by mcheller @ W2D
Romanization by Retro @ W2D
Do not take out without credits
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09 June 2011 @ 08:53 pm
Which film starring birthday boy Johnny Depp is your favorite, and why?

I like all his movies...but...the most I like Pirates Of Caribbean, Don Juan De Marco, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Tourist, Alice in Wonderland... 
23 April 2011 @ 05:37 pm
 B1A4 - Be one, All for one

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I really like this new band. This is the first band I'll watch from the debut ^_^.
Until now my favorite member is Baro-the rapper- (I don't know why those days I like the rappers so much...after Taecyeon he is the 2nd rapper I like)...his voice is so...I really don't know how to describe it...different from his look...he looks like a baby with his pretty face...After him I like JinYoung...he is cute too...and it's the leader (I tend to like the leaders too ^_^).
The other ones are cute too...I will surely watch this band.
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11 March 2011 @ 11:11 am
 OMG! I just heard about the earthquake in Japan....I just saw the news and it's terrifying...just now...a romanian woman just spoke with the TV here in Romania through Skype....while she was talking there were two aftershocks both over 6 degrees....but what I saw was that they were all so calm, no panic, no screams. Hope everything will be ok...


not only for Japan but for the others countries that were affected.

From what I heard the big cities weren't so affected. I that in Tokyo there are no victims.
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09 March 2011 @ 04:29 pm
Which song makes you happy every time you hear it, and why?

JaeJoong & Yoochun - Colors ~Melody & Harmony~....this song always makes me happy because when I lissten it I always see them singing in my mind and Jae's smile makes me happy....and the lyrics too...have such a beautiful meaning
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